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Artificial Intelligence for telephony - IVR with Artificial Intelligence
The power of contextual awareness for your app
"Context-aware computing is a mobile computing paradigm in which applications can discover and take advantage of contextual information such as user location, time of day,
neighboring devices and user activity."
The Sense SDK helps developers understand real life events, to create applications that respond to these events in real time.
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Contextual Awareness
Contextual events delivered through the Sense SDK are used to personalize your application's functionality, content and UI, to deliver a uniquely tailored experience for every user.
Activity recognition
Understanding activity and being able to react to the user’s physical status is a significant building block in understanding context. Now your app can interact with users only when they are physically tuned for it.
GEO fencing
Sensiya’s SDK optimizes low accuracy (over the network) and high accuracy (GPS) location to allow always-on location, without affecting battery consumption and make it easy to deploy geo fences around specific or dynamic locations.

Create your custom geo fences or enjoy our pre-made database of over 10M locations worldwide.
The next step in smartphone, smartwatch and wearables evolution
Sense Services is how OEMs and developers enable next-generation experiences on smartphones and wearables.
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Build with Sense
Sense serves as a centralized hub for contextual and activity data. It allows apps to become interconnected and share information, and developers to easily access meaningful events extracted out of large amounts of raw data.

Easy access to complex events. Sense services delivers access to the events you need, no heavy coding needed Simple lightweight integration – for real time events REST API – All services are supported on any android platform (AOSPs and ROMs)
Sense Services is a turnkey solution for OEMs that packs Sensiya’s advanced contextual capabilities, allowing apps and developers to offer advanced experiences that make your devices stand out. All services are supported on any android platform (AOSPs and ROMs)
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